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Who we are and what we do.


GeoScan conducts remote-sensing based resource exploration.

For our services we collect, analyze and evaluate project-specific data. We work worldwide.

GeoScan sets out to map and scan the Earth using a proprietary algorithm called gScan, which is used to discover mineral resources, precious metals, water, geothermal sites and yes: hydrocarbons (oil & gas).

At a glance

Sustainable Exploration by Novel Remote Sensing Technology.

Oil&gas, precious metals, electro-minerals, geothermal & water

Global experience with more 
than 100 concluded projects

ZERO environmental footprint

80 % cheaper

3x faster

More reliable by half

GeoScan is a globally operating technology company focused on the exploration of natural resources up to 10.000m below surface. 
By the use of its proprietary technology gScan™ - the superior new generation, disruptive technology for exploration - and its combination with artificial intelligence and advanced statistics, it can provide exploration with industry-leading accuracy at zero environmental impact. Our geologists make sure, you can draw your own conclusion: 
we export our findings to leading seismic modeling software tools.

GeoScan is 80% cheaper, 3 times faster and more reliable by half than conventional approaches.


“ Volkswagen recognises the opportunity to localise quickly relevant raw material deposits 
 such as Lithium and Kobald for e-mobility as a chance to secure its raw material demand in the long term.”
Volkswagen, Press Release

“STARC Limited hereby testifies that following full 3D seismic integration and evaluations, 
 this “blind” study has successfully and accurately predicted and located two new stacked, compacted geological channel features as viable, 
 ombined structural-stratigraphic traps.”
Nils Trulsvik, COO, STARC limited

“gScan fully supplements alternative, remote sensing methods. It helps to screen large areas very quickly."
Ola Fjeld, Group COO ARA Petroleum


Remote Sensing detects Assets 10.000 m on-/offshore below the surfaces.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

GeoScan supports the achievement of 8 out of the 17 Goals.

      • Exploration of groundwater for the production of drinking water and for irrigation purposes

      • Tapping important minerals for batteries, solar panels, electricity conversion from renewable sources, thus supporting global electrification

      • Exploration without harming the fauna and wildlife in the oceans:
        an end to stranded, dead whales and dolphins

      Combating desertification through groundwater tapping

      • Drinking water discovery in arid zones

      • Transparency about mineral resources/groundwater for states

      • Base for favorable refinancing of states, due to better country ratings

    • Basis for license auctions

    Job creation in migration countries

  • Strengthening country structures in migration source countries

  • 7 goals

Areas of operation

GeoScan is operating in established and in upcoming sectors*.


*GeoScan has completed more than 100 projects worldwide. The presented selection of clients are the publishable cooperations.

Worldwide Projects (selection).


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